Thomas Jefferson's Library

Thomas Jefferson's Library

Author: Thomas Jefferson

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781584778240

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Painstaking Reconstruction of Jefferson's Library Catalogue Sold to the Library of Congress in 1815 to replace volumes burned by the British during their occupation of Washington, Jefferson's library, comprising 6,700, volumes was one of the finest in the United States. The taxonomically arranged catalogue that accompanied these books was a remarkable work, one that offered great insight into the broad and systematic nature of Jefferson's mind. Unfortunately, it was lost. Using Jefferson's notes and the first edition of the Library of Congress catalogue, Gilreath and Wilson recreated Jefferson's original compilation. It contains an extensive collection of legal books arranged under the general heading "Philosophy." Beginning with the broad designations of "Ethics," "Moral Philosophy," "Law of Nature and Nations" and "Religion" Jefferson proceeds to such topics as "Common Law," "Maritime Law and "Foreign Law." It is valuable both for its insights into Jefferson's legal mind and as a guide to the titles one would want to include in a first-class American law library of the period. James Gilreath was an American history specialist at the Library of Congress rare book and special collections division. Douglas L. Wilson is George A. Lawrence Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus; Co-director, Lincoln Studies Center, Knox College Galesburg, Illinois. CONTENTS Foreword Introduction Selected Reading List Editorial Note Catalogue I. Memory 1. Antient History 2. Modern History. Foreign 3. Modern History. British 4. Modern History. American 5. History-Ecclesiastical 6. Natural Philosophy 7. Agriculture 8. Chemistry 9. Surgery 10. Medicine 11. Animals. Anatomy 12. Animals. Zoology 13. Botany 14. Mineralogy 15. Occupations of Man. Technical Arts II. Philosophy 16. Ethics Moral Philosophy Law of Nature and Nations 17. Religion 18. Jurisprudence. Equity 19. Jurisprudence. Common Law 20. Jurisprudence. Law-Merchant 21. Jurisprudence. Law-Maritime 22. Jurisprudence. Law- Ecclesiastical 23. Jurisprudence. Foreign Law 24. Politics 25. Mathematics. Pure. Arithematic 26. Mathematics. Pure. Geometry 27. Physico-Mathematics. Mechanics, Statics, Dynamics, Pneumatics, Phonics, Optics 28. Astronomy 29. Geography III. Fine Arts 30. Architecture 31. Gardening, Painting, Sculpture 32. Music 33. Poetry. Epic 34. Romance, Tales-Fables 35. Pastorals, Odes, Elegies 36. Didactic 37. Tragedy 38. Comedy 39. Dialogue-Epistolary 40. Logic, Rhetoric, Orations 41. Criticism. Theory 42. Criticism. Bibliography 43. Criticism. Languages 44. Polygraphical Appendix Some pages from the printed catalogue of 1815