American English Compendium

American English Compendium

Author: Marv Rubinstein

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442232839

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 542

View: 240

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The American English Compendium is a fun way to explore the nuances of the English language—learn that a group of lions is called a pride; a group of whales, a pod; and a group of owls, a parliament. Distinguish between a quack and a shyster. Learn that “tabling a motion” in a U.S. court has an opposite meaning from the same term in England. This book picks up where other language dictionaries leave off: it includes common proverbs, a sampling of American English versus British English, popular American expressions and slang, acronyms, and varied information on everything from wildlife to currency. In this new edition, the staples have been updated and fresh chapters have been added, with information on pronunciation, oddball English words, and even some of the new Internet terminology, including Twitterspeak.

Cassell's Concise Spanish-English English-Spanish Dictionary

Cassell's Concise Spanish-English English-Spanish Dictionary


Publisher: Cassell's

ISBN: 0025226606

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 464

View: 509

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A WORD ABOUT THIS CONCISE EDITION... The eminence of Cassell dictionaries has been established over a period of more than 120 years of dictionary publishing. Cassell's accumulated experience in such a highly specialized field has been accompanied by unceasing vigilance to maintain the high standard for which it is world-famous. Cassell's Concise Spanish Dictionary has been specially compiled to provide in compact form the words most frequently used in normal speech and contemporary literature, and incorporates literary and poeticalterms recurrent in classical, literary Spanish. It embodies common idiomatic expressions and new words that have recently become accepted usage, and includes Latin-American terms. Verb tables are provided in both languages.

21st Century American English Compendium

21st Century American English Compendium

Author: Marvin Rubinstein

Publisher: Schreiber Pub

ISBN: 9780884003168

Category: Reference

Page: 520

View: 248

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A reference guide to American English, featuring information on areas that are often overlooked in formal language education, covering proverbs, American expressions, similies and metaphors, slang, foreign words, abbreviations, and plant and animal names.

Vienna Voices

Vienna Voices

Author: Jill Knight Weinberger

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC

ISBN: 9781932559903

Category: Travel

Page: 265

View: 637

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A work of creative nonfiction, VIENNA VOICES: A TRAVELER LISTE01 General/trade TO THE CITY OF DREAMS offers a nuanced portrait of the enigmatic “City of Dreams,” whose intellectual and artistic culture reached its height at the end of the nineteenth century, only to be eclipsed in the twentieth by the collapse of the Habsburg empire and the rise of National Socialism.